Whole and Worthy-Poem

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Whole and Worthy-Poem

A Fractured Soul had wandered alone
Lost and Frightened by the wind
Invisible to all, Invisible to herself

Imprisoned, though the only guard now is the fractured soul herself
The tormentor ceased to be needed to enforce the solitude


The fractured soul was seen
by the beautiful soul of her newborn, and
The fractured soul was seen
by her self, at last, reflected in her daughter's eyes

Seeing herself for the first time
Seeing the love reflected back to her
The fractured Soul started gathering the pieces
Desperate to be whole, and worthy of that love


The fractured Soul recognized that she already was,

And always had been

Whole and Worthy


(c) 2013 by Roots To Blossom

I would like to dedicate this poem to all OLGA members, enjoy!



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