Access rights & how to change among registered guest, vi

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Access rights & how to change among registered guest, vi

Recently, I have answered several queries from people who just recently joined and did not know why they could not do certain things (e.g., reply and change their profile) as registered guests. Although I have seen scattered references in a few places to this issue, I think that it would be helpful to have one thread that contains a brief description of the various stages (e.g., registered guest, visitor, member, non-member), the access rights (or lack thereof) and under what conditions people are switched between them. I realize that this changes from time to time but I believe that these changes do not happen very often plus they will usually affect what is written very little if at all. In those cases where it does affect what is written, somebody can update that thread then. I apologize if I have missed an already existing a thread that deals with this.

Please reply to this thread with a link to either an existing thread or, if a new one is being created, to that new thread. Thank you.

- John O.

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Re: Access rights & how to change among registered guest

there is a thread for that somewhere, donA't have time to look for it, but I believe the thing about avatars is not in there yet...

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