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Chat room

I would like to suggest to the webmaster a proposal to make the chat room accessable on mobile phones such as the iPhone. I think it would help those who cannot always be near a computer during the meeting times. It will probably require a completely new chat interface, but I think it would help others, including my self, to make it to more meetings.

Thanks, Ry


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hm... like a olga

hm... like a olga app.?

can't you just long in through the browser?

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There are various skype

There are various skype meetings that you can access via your iphone. You just need to have a skype account and skype installed on your phone.

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Josh, no offense, but that's

Josh, no offense, but that's not very helpful. Someone needs A and people telling him that A is useless and he/she should use B instead.

That said, to my best knowledge, Iphones do not natively support flash due to some conflict between apple and adobe. I don't have an iphone so this may not be current but if that is the case, then the flashchat client we use will not function on iphones.

Question is: do we absolutely positively need to use flashchat? It's causing a lot of problems lately.

I know, this post wasn't very helpful either.

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The programming for the 

The programming for the forum and the chatroom are pretty much set as far as I know. I'm not sure if there is a webmaster any longer.

I think the web site is pretty much on auto pilot.

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I believe you are correct

I believe you are correct Kate. There isnt much data coming from the administrative Board. Can an Admin resolve this forum entry?

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Ry's original post is almost

Ry's original post is almost 6 months old, and opefully he's figured out it's not going to change by now. But yes, Kate's post is correct. There is no webmaster.


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