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Site Look, Colors, Pics,

I don't know why you guys picked the color- maybe it means something of significance? Calmness, serenity? And Im not sure if you buy into how colors affect people- how red is invigorating and passionate and blues are tranquil and soothing..

The darker greens also a little sad and poignant..and..mourning-ish. I know it seems horridly superficial but maybe some warmer, more cheerful colors?

And Im not sure if the moderators know this, but us WOW players do.. on the WOw forums people ask for "Blue" to answer questions- all Blizzard CMS GMS and moderators have blue text. So when I read no one can use blue text cept the moderators, it reminded me a lot of that...not sure if it bothers anyone who plays wow or not, just wanted to point that out.

And also, I was going to suggest a thread of a forum for threads with images, positive ones- like people do outdoor activities and motivaitnal posters, or cute puppies, or sexy cars..things that get you fuzzy inside.

And thanks for taking down that guys horrid spam. My mom walked by when I was opening a thread and was like..... i was mortified >> :-[

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Re: Site Look, Colors, Pics,

Well personally I prefer old Microsoft Maple colors, its what I keep on my computer. But Liz likes blue and so do many others. I didn't know about the WoW blue connection at all, I was the one who chose blue. So it really is a coincidence, blue stands out. At this point a forum for positive images should be accessible to visitors, which wasn't under the old system. If you want to start a thread for positive images with puppies, etc. I think it would be fine. Thanks for understanding during that hectic time. Hopefully things will go smoother now.

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