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A suggestion


This is my first time posting here. I was just searching and found your site, and was wondering, why in the twelve step program, is there a constant referance to God? It makes me feel, and others feel, like this is a Christianity-supporting site. This may sound stupid, but what if, say, someone who practices Buddisum comes on here, and isnt very bright, (there are, sadly, people on the internet like that...) and thinks that only the Christian God can help? They'd be all confused, cause they beleive in Brahman, and not God. Why couldnt you use something like, you Deity, or your God?

-Ty, searching for religious equality all voer the 'net!

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Adrienna Levesque
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Re: A suggestion

That is a very valid point. God, used in the vernacular, can be open to mean any god or higher being that you wish.

I have been doing some research in A.A. in particular, and found that they are based on Christian values AKA God-based issues as well; which is why no government can "make" you join A.A, say, for a DUI.

It is a very valid point that you raise, however. I agree that the wording can be tinkered a bit. Perhaps we can look into it to incluse those of all faiths?

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Re: Brainbowbird

Am excellent observation you have made.

Here we are attemping to emphasize the "Higher Power", not God, so as not to offend others.

That way, you can be anything you want, and if you are nothing, you can have yourself as your Higher Power.

Actually, the program is anonymous, so anyone can be what they want, without anyone else knowing, or caring.

Liz Woolley

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