suggestion for chat-room

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suggestion for chat-room

Hey, since I'm not able to make it to meetings online and not ready to start a new "real meeting" that suits my timing better, I was thinking of an additional way to use chat as support.

If anyone is interested to join me, I will try to be here every OR mosts evenings (I'm in Sweden, which is EST + 6 hrs), for chat and support. I will be here 9 pm my time, which then is 3pm EST. It would be great to share workprogress, thoughts and feelings - not as strict as a meeting but not just a general chatplace either. No pressure. Just an idea :)

Any feedback on this?

Love Anne

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Re: suggestion for chat-room

I think that is a great idea, Anne! Should you decide to start a meeting at that time, for other people in your neck of the woods, please do so. Liz

Liz Woolley

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