Living with a child addicted to video games

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Living with a child addicted to video games

Living with a child addicted to video games

Interview with Lorna, mom, by Melanie Hempe, RN and Andrew Doan, MD, PhD

Andrew Doan MD PhD

My Videos: Internet gaming disorder is real & my story 

*The views expressed are of the author's and do not necessarily reflect the official policy of the U.S. Navy or Department of Defense.

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I watched this entire video.

I watched this entire video. Many good points were made. It's interesting that it seems many bright kids w/ social challenges tend to be more suceptible to excessive gaming. Many of these kids also tend to have developmental disorders/conditions which involve ADD/ADHD or Aspergers type characteristics. Perhaps the dopamine connection is more often at play here. Nonetheless, these are also the kids that tend to have parents who feel gaming (especially Minecraft, which many parents feel is harmless and helpful) is not only harmless, but beneficial in a number of ways. Many of the kids in the "learning disability" community tend to have difficulty finding joy in most activities that nuerotypical peers gravitate to, so gaming often wins out as far as accessibiliy, interest, intellectual stimulation, etc. Then, in many cases, it becomes an addiction either rapidly or over time.

I'm glad Lorna was able to help her son find some replacements, but I think this is an overwhelming task for many parents, not that that's an excuse for gaming. I'd like to see some more infomation about the connection between gaming and various disorders and how parents can help their "nuero- challenged" children to engage in other interests and real life friends.

I like that Lorna said that many parents are afraid to allow their child to experience pain. I agree that under the right circumstances that children can learn and grow from painful experiences. In the case of losing gaming privilages, I can only see positive long term results. Of course, in the short term we need to be vigilant of any behavior that may be harmful to self or others.We need to be aware of available resources should we encounter a situation out of our control.

Thank you again to this team for another insightful and informative presentation!

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there is no problem to let

there is no problem to let your child play games, the best thing to do as a parent is to guide and have rules for children.. let them explore and experience but they need you guidance dont let them abuse the experience..

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I wish I had seen this video

I wish I had seen this video 10 years ago.

I so identify my son with this. We restricted his access so much more then other parents did before he was 16, but it isn't necessarily about how long they are's certainly a pre-disposition for some children. Gaming and computer just 'clicks' with them and they are hooked.

Thanks for posting. I think there should be a link to this on the parents forum so more parents may get to see it.


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I remember watching this

I remember watching this video when I first joined in (about a year ago). I learned a lot from it then. I watched it again today and could relate to a lot of things which Lorna talked about.

Thank you once again Andy and Malanie for your determination to spread the word about gaming addiction and its detrimental affects on children.

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