Chat Room problem Thurs April 25

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Chat Room problem Thurs April 25

April 25 2019 Thurs nite mtgs experiencing Chat Room problems. The scrren is half missing so no way to enter or type.

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That must have been

That must have been frustrating for you ! The chat room is working fine for me today. The website must have reset itself.

Can you check to see if it working for you now and let me know?

I will tell Liz about your problem.

There are two ways to get into the chat room as far as i can see.

The first is by what I call the " chat console " which hangs out in the bottom right corner of my screen

The second way is from the chat rooms tab under the Olganon logo at the top pf the page. If you hover your cursor over the chatrooms tab the options for your chat rooms available to you are at the top of the drop-down.

I just wonder if the way you access the chat room might have made a difference. Although may be it would not have helped your problem last night. I just thought I would mention it incase it could help in future.

. I hope it does not happen again !


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Problem with chat.

Thank you for the heads-up. Please call our hot-line 612-245-1115 if you have a problem with the chatroom. After I learned about the problem, I checked it out and found out that the chatroom site that was the problem. I contacted them and they fixed it within a matter of minutes. Thank you. Liz

Liz Woolley