OLGA®/OLG-Anon Schedule of Meetings

Gamers(OLGA) and family members (OLG-Anon) seeking recovery: For times of meetings see below.

We are looking for volunteers to chair OLGA and OLG-Anon Online Chat meetings to be held in our Zoom rooms. Please contact olga@olganon.org for more information about how to do this.


  • 9:00 PM EST - OLGA Zoom Meeting, for gamers, in OLGA "Zoom" Room.  Click to go to OLGA "Zoom" Room. If you have questions, call our hotline at 612-245-1115.
  • 9:00 PM EST - OLG-Anon Zoom Meeting, for family members in "OLG-Anon Zoom" Room. Click to go to OLG-Anon "Zoom" Room. Facilitator is: lizwool If you have questions, call our hotline at 612-245-1115.



We have weekly and monthly recurring, regularly scheduled meetings, as well as other events scheduled. Look at the calendar above to see what is coming up soon. All times listed by U.S. Eastern time.

Our meetings take place in a variety of places. Typically meetings are held in our Zoom rooms:  

No RSVP is required to attend meetings, unless noted in the meeting description. Only moderators can schedule new meetings. If you would like to host a meeting please contact olga@olganon.org.

For more information about meetings, please look at the links on the right of this page under On-line Meetings.

For additional times of meetings held on non-affiliated websites, check the List of All Meetings for Gaming Addicts.