The International Federation of Recovered Addiction Therapists

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IFRAT | The International Federation of Recovered Addiction Therapists
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The International Federation of Recovered Addiction Therapists (IFRAT) is a non-profit organisation aiming to support the career development of people who recovered from addiction and maintain their well-being.

We believe that self-help groups and mutual aid are efficient and cost-effective ways to treat addiction. There is also growing evidence that peer-guided therapy results better rates of achieved abstinence, maintained recovery, improved retention in treatment and other outcome variables including a reduction of risk to the individual and the communities.

We promote Recovered Addiction Therapy as a profession by developing attitudes, knowledge and skills of all our members. We support their Continuous Professional Development and help them to achieve their career goal.

We act as a global network providing tailored Education and Training programmes according to our members’ needs and expectations. We assess competencies gained by our Therapists during their learning journey and we deliver Certificates at each stage of their Personal Development Plan (PDP).

IFRAT upholds the reputation of certificated Recovered Addiction Therapists by assessing our Therapists’ fitness to practice on a day-to-day basis, in order to ensure a high quality of treatment services provided by our Therapists to their patients. All our Education and Training programmes are designed by experienced psychologists and researchers specialized in addictions, and our Courses are facilitated by accredited Trainers.

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