John Najar, M.A.

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2552 Summit Rd
Manasquan, NJ 08736
United States
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(732) 528-5886

Meet John Najar, Educational Consultant

Are you concerned that video/computer games are having a negative effect on your child/teen? John Najar wants to help you help your child with video game addiction. Current research shows video and computer games negatively impact children and teens, simply seducing players with the implied promise of world control--the game world.

Mr. Najar, well-known throughout the educational community, continues to be involved with children. From the classroom to the community, from the elementary to university level, John has dedicated his life to improving the lives of children academically, socially, and emotionally. John's mission includes:

. Programs designed to help elementary students understand the effects and consequences of decision making
. Development of problem-solving techniques for Monmouth Family Court System
. Compilation of curriculum for addiction centers
. Publication of programs demonstrating the downside of playing video/computer games.

John's experience ranges from teacher to administrator and, from supervisor to educational consultant in the school community and the community at large. He brings decades of experience, research, and knowledge applying brain based education and learning styles to help your family face and overcome the video/computer game addiction sweeping through the youth of the nation.

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