Tiago Mortensen, Youth Counselor

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Elmehuset, Headspace
2200 Copenhagen N
2200 Copenhagen
Phone Number: 
35 200 300

BIO: I'm a certified addiction counsellor and consultant. I have worked with on line gaming addiction for a number of years now. I believe it's an addiction like all others and have seen a lot of similarities with other behavioral addictions.

It saddens me to see how there is so little information around this kind of Addiction and it has been a real challenge for me personally to gather information and research in this area. It's a whole new field and a new way of working with the client.

Blending my experience with the addictive population and working with a very young client group in harm minimization.  I have a certificate in addiction studies and a course in cyber counselling which qualifies me to work with clients via E-Mail. I'm have worked in a treatment centre in Portugal (Europe). I have worked with clients in the UK, and Holland. I have also worked in many international schools working and setting up harm reduction and risk minimization programs. I worked and helped from day one, the first gaming treatment unit in Europe, located in Amsterdam, back in 2006 where I was the focal counsellor for most of the gaming addicts there. I have also worked with Families and Love One's directly involved with the Gaming Addict and helped them change there perception around Gaming Addiction and helped them understand how they can help the Gamer and themselves in the process, by overcoming denial and frustration.

Today, I´m an Counselor and a life skills coach, in the Addiction field with substance and behavioral problems. I also do consultation and supervision with other identities like International Schools and Colleges helping them with setting up harm & risk reduction programs and I do individual therapy sessions for all kinds of life problems.

Elmehuset is a residential institution, where the target audience is overall children and adolescents aged 0-23. The majority of the children are usually gifted with difficulties in autism spectrum, atypical autism, Asperger syndrome possibly. plus diagnoses such as ADD, ASP, ADHD, tourette etc.
Elmehuset consists of 3 different sections, called ramp Hyblerne and Peak. The ramp is one day department for young people aged 14-18 years. To be associated ramp should young people should be able to go to regular school, special school offer or specially organized training (STU). Some of the young people will be able to evolve in order to cope with independent adulthood with little or no support. Hybel department for young people aged 16-23 years used by normal intelligence young people aged 16-23 years with one or more of the above diagnoses or with neighboring diagnoses / problems. Young people must be enrolled in education, training, or work. Young people must possess skills that make it realistic that the minimal educational support to develop skills that will enable them to cope with a more independent life. The top is a service for children and adolescents aged 0-23 years. Children and young people have often one or more of the above diagnoses or adjacent diagnoses / problems.
It offers relief a weekday a week and every 4th Weekend for children and young people aged 0-18 years.


The young people are offered educational support in everyday life by making establishment eg manageable framework and structure for them, so that they master to develop their practical skills, social relationships and their own understanding of the problems that their diagnoses leads to them in everyday life. The young people also receive support to learn practical skills, such as hygiene, laundry, cleaning of own room, assistance for participation in extracurricular activities, careful training and other social relationships.

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