Wildnerness Program - Soltreks

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2346 Highway 3
Two Harbors, MN 55616
United States
Phone Number: 
(218) 830-1233

Soltreks is a wilderness therapy program whose mission is to guide individuals and families toward reclaiming their personal power while discovering their true potential.

For individuals seeking awareness of what limits them in their life, their relationships, and their relationship to life.

An opportunity to examine choices, feel emotions and understand their relational impact on their community as a whole

Dedicated to parent involvement that contributes to program effectiveness

Who does Soltreks help?

Soltreks is for individuals and families who want to make some lasting changes. We support teenagers, young adults, parents, families, and older adults who struggle with:

. Self esteem and interpersonal skills
. Motivation and direction
. Loss and depression
. Learning and attention challenges
. Excessive Gamers
. Family and intimate relationships
. Making transitions

Liz Woolley